Poster A

While my type poster was more MoMA inspired, I wanted my abstract and type to focus on art that is inside the MoMA, seeing as the audience would be more interested in that. Inspired by Bauhaus art, I took many pieces of the era into consideration and made an abstract piece for the background, then incorporated the text and hierarchy afterward. 

Poster B

Regarding these two posters, I had to create a promotion for a particular event, namely the MoMA reopening, in both type only and abstract and type formats. 


For my type poster (top), I took inspiration from the actual MoMA with their official typeface, Franklin Gothic, and recognizable museum colors: red, and white. I wanted to have clear levels of hierarchy since it was focused only on the type, so I used size as the denominator. I did not want to move away from the simplicity of the MoMA logo, so I used the ‘M’ of MoMA as my main focus and designed the poster around it.