Initial Logos 1

Keyword: Sweet

For my font-based logo, I wanted something subtle yet accented. I chose the funky typeface “Benny Black” for my initials and added a small “swirl” to my ‘m’ in order to replicate the ‘f’ and give it a personal, cute characteristic. For color, I chose a light pink in order to resemble cotton candy, and because it's one of my favorite colors. 

Initial Logos 2

For these two logos, I had to use my initials, FM, one being hand-drawn (top) and one being font-based (bottom). 


My hand-drawn logo uses music as the keyword, and seeing as I view music as a dynamic form, and I wanted to replicate that with my initials while making them legible. To solve this, I drew the natural flow of a treble clef, but manipulated the form to include my initials, ‘f’ and ‘m’. I chose to use muted colors like a pale and dark blue to follow the timidness of classic music, as well as my personality.