Book 1

For my second book, it focused on feminist theories of women in modern art. I used a scaled photo of me to accentuate largeness and power, similar to how the author describes women in the book. I do this while not showing my face in order to highlight the female body as well. For the back, I took a quiet photo of the city in order to display the context of society. Lastly, I used a rose-colored cover that displays the emotion and tone of the book.

Book 2

My chosen books weren’t particularly a series, but both focused on art in some way.


As seen by the title, my first book focused on Sculpture and had a lot of beautiful examples of 3D art. Drawing inspiration from Anish Kapoor’s Untitled, I wanted my cover to have its own look of a sculpture. I used a gradient from the bottom to top, with little pieces disappearing to not only leave space for the title and background information but to resemble the glare of a mirror.